Firearms Training for Women!

Feeling vulnerable or afraid?

Wish you felt like you could protect yourself?

Are you a "mature" woman?

Are you afraid of Guns?

Don't know where to turn to get compassionate training?

Wish you could find a woman to train you?

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2 Day Complete NRA Basic Pistol Training
April 15-16, 2022
Leesburg, Florida

Hi there!

My name is Sabrina and my journey probably started very much like yours. 
I grew up in a house with guns. My father was a hunter and attempted to teach me in his "man" way. I did not have any interest in guns and in fact was afraid of them. I lived most of my adult life without them.

One day I found myself "mature" and feeling more vulnerable. I made the decision to obtain my Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. Once I had the license, I wondered what to do next. On the advice of a family member (always advice from someone), I purchased a pistol that was too much for me. I was however, determined to learn how to use the gun I had purchased.
I started going to classes of whatever kind I could find and was usually the only woman in the class. Occasionally another woman would be in a class and I watched as they could not "rack the slide" or in some cases did not have the strength to "pull the trigger" on the firearm they were carrying!

I knew this was a problem for other women just like me. I decided at that point to become an NRA Pistol Instructor so I could help other women. I will help you find a gun that fits YOU and allows YOU to become comfortable and confident with your firearm regardless of experience, age, strength or health. Together we will rid YOU of all your firearms fears. Who knows, you may discover a new passion just like I did!

Certified NRA Instructor

 Pistol  *  Rifle  *  Shotgun
 National CCW

More areas and events coming soon! Just want to connect or have a question, message me below! For private training or events with like minded Women see the links above.

Personal Instruction
Get training with a woman!

Openings are available now for April 15-16 2022
at ARES Training Facility, Leesburg

Complete NRA Basic Pistol Training


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Personal Instruction
Get training with a woman!

Openings are available now for August 2021
at ARES Training Facility, Leesburg

Private Training August 22 - 1:30 PM


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